Ciao, Slavic Slaves


Usually the name of a people comes from some very simple word, in fact the name of the Slavs come from slovo which meant word. This makes us believe that they identified themselves as a speech community and called the Germans nemac ‘numb’. (The story of the barbarian is very similar). Since these people were […]

Sexy Languages – Part 2


Last time I talked about how it is really difficult to assess how a language sounds if you speak that language because you can’t dissociate yourself from meaning. Today, I’m going to look at why some languages sound sexy, beautiful, attractive – you name it – and others don’t. Of course linguistics cannot take a […]

Sexy Languages – Part 1

love accent

The other day I was talking to an Italian person who said to me that the “sexiest” languages are French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. This made me think: can you form an opinion on how your native language sounds, and anyway, what does it mean that a language sounds “sexy” and how do we judge […]