syntax error

In 3 Types of Languages I talked about how languages are categorised based on morphology (affixation and word formation)—now it’s time to look at how languages differ in their word order. In order to do that, we need to look at the order of the subject (S), verb (V) and direct object (O) in the sentence. […]

If I Were a Rich Man


Probably one of the most widespread mistakes among non-native speakers is the use of the Second Conditional, the one where we express a rather hypothetical or unlikely event as opposed to the First Conditional where the idea expressed by the speaker is probable. Let’s briefly look at the grammatical structure of both. Conditional sentences always […]

Transfer (Spanish-English)

Image: Folkert Gorter

The phenomenon when your mother tongue influences the learning of a foreign language is called language transfer. This could be beneficial where there is no difference between the two languages, otherwise however, the transfer won’t be correct in the foreign language, and it is said to interfere with it. Here are the most common grammatical transfers Spanish […]