Do You Have an Accent?


Yes, everybody does, including you. Many people think of accents as deviations from the norm, i.e. the correct way of speaking. Linguistically, however, we cannot distinguish between correct and incorrect accents as every native speaker’s accent has developed naturally and they are understandable within their speech community. Debating which accent is the most correct is […]



There are many accents of English and many differences among them but the most prominent one is whether the /r/ is pronounced before consonants and at the end of words. In most British dialects it isn’t while in most American dialects it is. These are called rhotic dialects and besides Standard American, Scottish, Irish and Canadian […]



I have met several people who speak really good English yet they don’t pronounce the word support properly. This is one of the very few words whose pronunciation eludes even some very good speakers of English. Many speakers put the stress on the first syllable which results in a different vowel sound, one used in a […]